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In the name of GOD, Most Gracious and Most Merciful


Welcome to the Altrincham Muslim Association Marriage Introduction Service.

Our aim

We want to help you find a partner easily and efficiently, meeting people you want to meet, and anonymously filter out the rest without any awkwardness.

Searching our database online

Search all our profiles online easily by age, gender, passport status or religious practice. You can then shortlist the people you are interested in.

Your shortlist

You can invite as many people as you wish from your shortlist to meet you at the next AMA event total cost £ 10.00. The money is just to cover the hire of the hall. All other costs are done for free by volunteers or helped by donations. We give away most of the money. Your family come for free.

Sent requests

View the requests you have sent to other people who will respond with Accepted, Unavailable on that day, Not interested. Anyone who accepts your invitation, will be invited to meet you at the event.

Received requests

During the booking window for an event, you may receive meeting requests. Please respond to them in timely manner.


We hold events every 4-6 weeks and you can book yourself to the event and arrange to meet with up to 5 people during the booking window.
In addition to your booked meetings, you're welcome to join in with the open event where you can meet many other people on the day. During the event we have many helpers who will assist you.

Your safety

Your contact details will be kept private. Please ensure the public part of your profile does not contain any personally identifiable information.


We will notify you of any newly registered people who meet your preference criteria.

What if I have paid but dont get any responses.

You can attend our open event from 7.30pm onwards or your payment can be used for the following event where you can contact a fresh set of people.

What if I cant make the meeting.

If you email us before the bookings close then we can arrange to cancel your meetings. If you cancel after this time or dont attend the meeting, you will be charged £25 to attend the next event.

What now

Click search and invite people to next event.

Contact us

Click here if you need to contact us.
If you have a problem tell us your name, email, dob, and reference number so we can track your profile and help answer your queries.

Upcoming Events


Blessed Thomas
Holford College,
Urban Rd, Altrincham,
Cheshire, WA15 8HT